There are two types of business photos; editorial portraits, and corporate headshots.


These photos are mostly taken within your place of business. In stead of a plain (studio) background, these photos usually show a little more about the person in the photo, and your business. For instance: A chef in his kitchen holding his chefs knife or some good-looking ingredients.


Corporate portraits are often used by companies to present their employees. These photos are usually taken against a neutral background or in the studio with professional lighting.

Things to consider when having your business photo taken:

What message do you want to convey? Business portraits are essential in portraying a good image for your business, so think about what you want to wear, and what you’re trying to convey. For instance, a law firm could go for a suit and tie to convey a serious look while a more creative company can wear a more casual outfit.

Try to look and feel relaxed when having your photo taken, this will make you look confident and reliable. We recommend bringing two outfits to the shoot, so we can align the best outfit with the chosen background and lighting.